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Evaluation of the Twelve-Step Facilitation Adherence Competence Empathy Scale (TSF ACES)

September 6, 2012

This article, in press at Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment and written by Barbara Campbell, Jennifer Knapp Manuel, Sarah Turcotte Manser, K. Michelle Peavy (of the Pacific Northwest Node), and colleages, describes the development, reliability, and concurrent validity of the Twelve-Step Facilitation Adherence Competence Empathy Scale (TSF ACES).

The TSF ACES is a comprehensive fidelity rating scale for group and individual TSF treatment developed for the CTN ancillary study “Organizational and Practitioner Influences on Implementation of STAGE-12” (protocol CTN-0031-A-3).

For the evaluation of the instrument’s psychometrics, independent raters used the TSF ACES to rate treatment delivery fidelity for 966 TSF group and individual sessions. TSF ACES summary measures assessed therapist adherence, competence, proscribed behaviors, empathy, and overall session performance.

Analysis of the TSF ACES found it reliable, with variable internal consistency. Relationships of the TSF ACES summary measures with each other, as well as relationships of the summary measures with a measure of therapeutic alliance, provided support for concurrent and convergent validity. Fidelity instruments such as the TSF ACES can be used in clinical implementation to train and supervise counselor adherence and skill.

The TSF ACES administration manual, which includes a copy of the measure itself, can be found in the CTN Dissemination Library:

Citation: Campbell BK, Manuel JK, Manser ST, Peavy KM, et al. Assessing Fidelity of Treatment Delivery in Group and Individual 12-Step Facilitation. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2012 (in press).

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