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Predicting Community Addiction Treatment Attitudes About Contingency Management

December 6, 2011

This in-press article at Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, by Pacific Northwest Node researchers Bryan Hartzler, Dennis Donovan, and Suzanne Doyle, along with colleagues from the Western Node, reports on an ancillary investigation of data from protocol CTN-0008.  Researchers examined systemic and idiographic staff predictors of contingency management (CM) adoption attitudes using multilevel modeling analyses of organizational, treatment unit, and workforce surveys.

The evaluation found three systemic predictors (clinic provision of opiate agonist services, national accreditation, and lesser shared perception of workplace stress) and five idiopathic predictors (staff with a graduate degree, longer service tenure, managerial position, e-communication facility, and openness to change).

Findings are discussed as they relate to extant literature on CM attitudes, established implementation science constructs, and practical implications.

Citation:  Hartzler B, Donovan DM, Tillotson CJ, et al.  A Multilevel Approach to Predicting Community Addiction Treatment Attitudes About Contingency Management.  Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment2012 (in press).

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