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Call for Papers: JSAT Issue Celebrating CTN’s 20th Anniversary

April 11, 2019

The Center for the Clinical Trials Network is pleased to announce plans for a Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment Supplement reviewing the first two decades of the CTN with a focus on the past 10 years.

Dennis McCarty (Western States Node) and Dennis Donovan (Pacific Northwest Node) have volunteered to serve as guest editors and will ask CTN investigators to serve as reviewers for the papers in the supplement.

The issue will reflect on the development of the CTN with commentary, and will include integrative summaries of the work the CTN has supported to close the gap between practice and research for the treatment of drug use disorders. A point of emphasis will be the extension of CTN from specialty addiction treatment services to general medical settings and healthcare systems. An additional focus will be research embedded in clinical care which utilizes pragmatic designs, leverages existing clinical staff, and evaluates strategies or approaches for advancing evidence-based care that can be sustainably implemented and disseminated in these settings.

To participate in the issue, email a one-page concept of potential papers to Dennis McCarty ( and Dennis Donovan ( with a copy to Udi Ghitza ( and Landhing Moran ( in the Center for the Clinical Trials Network for review and approval to proceed before drafting a full manuscript. The due date for paper concepts is April 29.

CTN policy requires papers to be reviewed in the CTN publication committee before submission to JSAT. All manuscripts submitted to JSAT will undergo peer review.