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Disseminating Contingency Management: Impacts of Staff Training

December 30, 2013

cmGuided by a comprehensive implementation model, this CTN-platform study examined training/implementation processes for a tailored contingency management (CM) intervention instituted at a National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network-affiliated opioid treatment program (OTP) in the Pacific Northwest Node.

Looking at both staff-level training outcomes and management-level implementation outcomes, authors Bryan Hartzler, Ron Jackson, Brinn Jones, and colleagues from the Pacific Northwest Node found robust, durable increases in delivery skill, knowledge, and adoption readiness among trained staff; positive managerial perspectives of intervention cost, feasibility, and sustainability; and significant clinical impacts on targeted design and the applied, skills-based focus of staff training processes.

Conclusions: Collective results offer preliminary support for the collaborative approach taken to design of the focal CM intervention and the applied, skills-based focus of the staff training processes.

Given the disparity between voluminous empirical support for efficacy of CM methods and their limited community dissemination, the current work may offer a useful template for processes of planning and design, training and consultation, and trial implementation and evaluation when transporting the CM intervention to community-based substance abuse treatment settings.

Citation: Hartzler B, Jackson TR, Jones BE, et al. Disseminating Contingency Management: Impacts of Staff Training and Implementation at an Opiate Treatment Program. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2013 (in press).

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