Gender Differences in Sex Practices Among Men/Women in Treatment


genderdiffThis article in-press in AIDS & Behavior, by Pacific Northwest Node researchers Don Calsyn, Mary Hatch-Maillette, and Blair Beadnell, with additional colleagues from the CTN, examined data from two CTN studies that evaluated gender-specific interventions for reducing HIV/STD risk behaviors (protocols CTN-0018 and -0019) to determine what the rates of heterosexual anal intercourse (HAI) were in a population of drug abuse treatment seekers, and what, if any, differences in HAI practices existed between men and women.

HAI is an understudied risk behavior among women and men in substance abuse treatment, yet it is known to carry a high seroconversion risk for HIV. This study found that more men than women in the treatment population reported engaging in HAI, but that the rates of HAI for both genders were higher than rates reported by the general population.

In a logistic regression model generated to identify associations between HAI and variables previously shown to be related to high risk sexual behavior, being younger, bisexual, and white were significantly associated with HAI. For men, having more sex partners was also a significant correlate.

Conclusions: These data show that more substance abuse treatment-seeking women and men participate in HAI than in the general population and that condom use is low for both genders. Given that heterosexual transmission is a primary means of contracting HIV, and that receptive AI increases risk of seroconversion, it is vital that any HIV prevention program include material on HAI.

Citation: Calsyn DA, Hatch-Maillette MA, Meade CS, et al. Gender Differences in Heterosexual Anal Sex Practices among Woman and Men in Substance Abuse Treatment. AIDS and Behavior 2013 (in press).

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