REMAS-CA Found Effective for Minority Men in Pilot Study


minoritymalesThe National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network (CTN) recently completed a randomized clinical trial evaluating the utility of Real Men Are Safe (REMAS), an HIV prevention intervention for men in substance abuse treatment (protocol CTN-0018) lead by Donald Calsyn, PhD, of the Pacific Northwest Node.

Analysis of the data with a focus on racial/ethnicity-related differences found a differential effect for white versus minority men and led to the development of a culturally adapted version of the intervention, REMAS-CA.

This ancillary/platform study, by Dr. Calsyn, Ann Kathleen Burlew, Mary Hatch-Maillette, and colleagues, compared minority attendees of REMAS-CA sessions with those who attended REMAS sessions in the original study, and found found that minority REMAS-CA participants were more likely to have attended 3 or more sessions than those in REMAS.

Additionally, REMAS-CA participants with casual partners significantly reduced the number of unprotected sexual occasions in the past 90 days; minority participants in the REMAS intervention did not.

Conclusions: REMAS-CA was effective across ethnic groups and appears to be more appealing to minorities than the original REMAS intervention. The finding that REMAS-CA was appealing across ethnic groups is especially important because many HIV risk reduction programs serve a diverse clientele and lack the resources to target an intervention solely to one ethnic group.

We miss you, Dr. Calsyn.

Citation: Calsyn DA, Burlew AK, Hatch-Maillette MA, et al. An HIV Prevention Intervention for Ethnically Diverse Men in Substance Abuse Treatment: Pilot Study Findings. Am J Public Health 2013 (in press).

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