From STAGE-12: Impulsivity Associated with Treatment Non-Compliance in Stimulant-Dependent Patients


This ancillary investigation of data from the STAGE-12 protocol (CTN-0031), currently in-press in Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment and co-written by Theresa Winhusen, Daniel Lewis, Bryon Adinoff, and colleagues Dennis Donovan and Jessica DiCenzo from the Pacific Northwest Node, among others, evaluated the relationships among impulsivity, stimulant-dependence diagnosis, and treatment completion.

Six sites from CTN-0031 obtained BIS-11 and Stroop Color Word test results from 182 methamphetamine- and/or cocaine-dependent participants. Methamphetamine-dependent, relative to cocaine-dependent, participants evidenced significantly greater BIS-11 non-planning and total scores. Accounting for other factors related to treatment completion, BIS-11 motor score, and assessing the tendency to act without thinking predicted treatment completion for both cocaine-dependent and methamphetamine-dependent patients.

Conclusions: These results suggest that methamphetamine-dependent and cocaine-dependent patients may have different impulsivity profiles but that the BIS-11 may be useful in identifying both methamphetamine-dependent and cocaine-dependent patients who are at risk for treatment non-completion.

Citation: Winhusen TM, Lewis DF, Adinoff BH, et al. Impulsivity is Associated with Treatment Non-Completion in Cocaine- and Methamphetamine-Dependent Patients but Differs in Nature as a Function of Stimulant-Dependence Diagnosis. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2013 (in press).

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