Special Issue of ADA on AI/AN Research Includes Paper on CTN-0033-Ot-3 from PN Node


American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse (ADA) just published a special issue focused on “Building Bridges: Advancing American Indian/Alaska Native Substance Abuse Research: A State of the Science and Grant Development Workshop” that includes an article from CTN protocol CTN-0033-Ot-3, “Methamphetamine: Where Does It Fit in the Bigger Picture of Drug Use of American Indian and Alaska Native Communities and Treatment Seekers?”, led by the Pacific Northwest Node

The paper, by Sandra Radin, Caleb Banta-Green, Lisa Rey Thomas, and  colleagues from the Pacific Northwest Node, is titled “Substance Use, Treatment Admissions, and Recovery Trends in Diverse Washington State Tribal Communities.”

It reports on outcomes from an element of CTN-0033-Ot-3, in which 29 federally recognized AI/AN tribes in Washington state were invited to participate in health directors interviews and state treatment admissions data analyses.

Analyses of the interviews and state treatment admissions data suggested that some diverse AI/AN communities in WA share similar substance use/abuse, treatment, and recovery trends and continuing needs. Outcomes also demonstrated the need for respectful and flexible approaches when conducting research with AI/AN communities.

Find it in the CTN Dissemination Library!



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