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Addressing Sexual Issues in Addictions Treatment Workshop – Free CEUs!

January 31, 2012

This 2.5 hour workshop, Addressing Sexual Issues in Addictions Treatment, developed by the CTN Research Utilization Committee (RUC), focuses on the outcomes and clinical utility of National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network protocols CTN-0018 and CTN-0019, which were designed to test gender-specific interventions to reduce HIV sexual risk behavior among clients in drug treatment programs.  Counselors often have a difficult time discussing issues related to sex with their clients.  This workshop aims to provide information and skills that can help begin that dialogue.

The workshop, now available at the CTN Dissemination Library website, features an article from Counselor magazine and brief video from Louise Haynes, MSW, plus two longer video presentations from Pacific Northwest Node researcher Don Calsyn, PhD, and Susan Tross, PhD, the Lead Investigators of the safer sex studies in the CTN.

To qualify for free! continuing education credits (3 each from NAADAC and NBCC), users must read the article, view all three videos, and then pass a 12-item quiz (a passing score is 10/12 correct).  Get started here!

Find it in the CTN Dissemination Library!


Meet the Researchers!

January 26, 2012

The website, a project funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, disseminates “practical ‘how-to’ information about conducting research.” One of their latest offerings, posted January 25, 2012, was an interview with CTN researcher Lisa Rey Thomas, PhD of the Pacific Northwest Node about building partnerships with American Indian and Alaska Native communities as part of protocol CTN-0033.

Several other CTN-related researchers have also contributed both text and video content for Check out the pages for these CTN-related folks and get to know a few of them a little better!

Roger Weiss, MD (NEC Node):

José Szapocznik, PhD (FNA Node):

Stephanie O’Malley, PhD (NEC Node):

Dean Fixsen, PhD (NIRN):

Social Media Overview and Strategy Development Webinar

January 25, 2012

Video and handouts from this morning’s Clinical Coordinating Center Web Seminar on Social Media Overview and Strategy Development, presented by Erin Winstanley of the OV Node and Meg Brunner of our node’s CTN Dissemination Library, are now available online!

To access these materials, as well as videos and slides from previous webinars in the CCC’s series, visit the CTN Dissemination Library’s CTN Training page: (webinars are at the bottom of the page).

Pay particular attention to the Social Media Resource Guide, developed by the Social Media Workgroup of the Research Utilization Committee — this document  is packed with information on the various social media platforms, as well as tips on setting up a strategy for using social media tools and on developing a workplace policy for use.

A second webinar, coming February 29th, will be presented by Erin Winstanley and Gloria Miele, and will focus on more of the nuts and bolts of setting up accounts, and provide more information on how and where social media tools are being used in the health research field.

Don’t forget to follow CTN Training (this seminar series!) on Facebook, and while you’re there, be sure to check out the Facebook page for the CTN Dissemination Library as well!

Community Providers’ Impression of HIV Prevention Research in the CTN

January 17, 2012

This exploratory survey study, published in Journal of Drug Issues and co-written by Pacific Northwest Node researchers Bryan Hartzler, Mary Hatch-Maillette, and Don Calsyn, as well as Aimee Campbell, Gloria Miele and Susan Tross of the Greater New York Node, assessed staff attitudes as a function of direct research participation, treatment program type, and study performance within 7 methadone maintenance and 8 psychosocial outpatient substance abuse treatment programs participating in CTN-0018 and -0019 (HIV risk reduction in men and women, respectively).

Findings determined that effectiveness trials, such as the ones conducted in the CTN, offer a valuable opportunity to assess provider-level factors associated with adoption and implementation.  This study supports continued research on effective methodology for collaboration between investigators and providers to influence post-study implementation.

Citation:  Campbell ANC, Hartzler B, Hatch-Maillette MA, Calsyn DA, Miele GM, Tross S.  Community Providers’ Impression of HIV Prevention Intervention Research in NIDA’s Clinical Trials Network.  Journal of Drug Issues 2011;41(4):441-460.

Find it in the CTN Dissemination Library!