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CPDD Poster from PN Node Researchers

June 27, 2011

CTN Pacific Northwest Node researchers Mary Hatch-Maillette, Don Calsyn, Blair Beadnell, and Lynette Wright, along with colleagues Ann Burlew and Jerika Wilson from the Ohio Valley Node, recently presented a poster at the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) annual meeting in Hollywood, FL, June 18-23, 2011.

The poster, entitled “Culturally Tailoring the Real Men Are Safe HIV Prevention Intervention,” reported on the early stages of a study designed to revise the CDC recognized, evidence-based REMAS prevention intervention to make it more culturally relevant to African American and Hispanic men, and then conduct a pilot feasibility trials of the revised REMAS in four CTN CTPs.

The manual was revised using the “Delphi Process,” with expert panel members reviewing,  rating, and offering specific suggestions of improvements for all the modules in two separate rounds.  The panel members’ quantitative ratings and qualitative suggestions were, for the most part, consistent with each other, with the qualitative feedback being used more extensively in making revisions to REMAS. 

The Delphi Process was found to be a successful technique, and the effectiveness of the REMAS-CA (Culturally Adapted) is currently undergoing pilot testing.

Citation:  Hatch-Maillette MA, Calsyn DA, Burlew AK, Wilson J, Beadnell B, Wright L.  Culturally Tailoring the Real Men Are Safe HIV Prevention Intervention.  Poster presented at the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) annual meeting, Hollywood, FL, June 18-23, 2011.  Find it in the CTN Dissemination Library!


10-Year CTN Anniversary Issue of JSAT Now Free at PMC!

June 2, 2011

As of June 1, 2011, nearly all the articles included in last year’s special CTN-related supplement to the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment are available for free, full-text, in PubMed Central!

This special issue features overview articles describing the completed studies and outcomes from the past decade of CTN research. It also reviews several ancillary investigations, where data from original CTN protocols is examined in a new way to reveal new correlations and propose future research.

The article, “Study Results from the Clinical Trial Network’s First 10 Years: Where Do They Lead?” was co-written by Betsy Wells and Don Calsyn, both members of the Pacific Northwest Node.  You can now read it for free at PubMed Central!

Find links to informational pages about each article (including the abstract, links to related topics, and more), as well as links that take you directly to PubMed Central, in the CTN Dissemination Library: