A Word From Our Sponsor…


We started this blog to create a new communication channel within the Pacific Northwest Node, and also as a way to reach the broader public with news about what’s going on in our Node.   We’ll include original posts as well as reprints and links to other sources, and we hope members of the PN Node will contribute posts and comments.    Do you have news to share about a protocol or CTN committee?  What’s going on at your treatment center?  Something interesting to report back from a CTN meeting or training?

Please let us know if you’re willing to be a Contributor to this blog.  You’ll need to create an  account on WordPress.com (easy to do, and free!),  then let us know your username so we can give you contributor access.   Once you have access, you’ll be able to post a blog item.   Posts are moderated and will be published promptly after review by the blog editor.  Or — if you don’t want to sign up with WordPress, just send your blog item as an email message, and we’ll post it for you  (also easy and free!).  You can comment on other posts just by clicking on “leave a comment” at the bottom of a post.

We hope that you enjoy and contribute to the PN Node Blog!

Nancy Sutherland & Meg Brunner,  editors, CTN Pacific Northwest Node Blog.  [adai@u.washington.edu]


One Response to “A Word From Our Sponsor…”

  1. Sharon Garrett Says:

    Thanks you Nancy & Meg for this fabulous new blog!

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